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Has been called an extremely awesome member by some partial sources. Ennui's real name in full is Minocher Framroze Eduljee Dinshaw. He joined in June of 2004 and is 17 years old. He lives in England, attending an absurd, archaic and arcane academy, and vanished for a period after he brought the terrible news that the institution's WebMarshall had blocked 667.

In fact PJ-whose fault the blockage was, for the famed Australian often waxes lyrical on the erotic heights reached by lesbians-redeemed himself entirely by brilliantly telling Ennui how to get past the program. Ennui is still quite reticent due to the pressure of work and commitments.

Ennui regards his primary purpose on 667 to be to write things. He is the author of several fanfics, including the short "Another Publication", the unfeasibly vast and vastly unfeasible "Noble Uniforms", and the as yet unfinished "Dei Casi Catastrofici" and "Crystal Shards".

In Chaotic Creativity he has started, but failed to complete, about half a dozen pieces and won the 667 Factor a long time ago. He used to write for the 667er but a return seems unlikely at this stage.

Random Facts

-Ennui and Amber are a couple, and have been for over a year.

-Ennui was one of the four Bests. Ennui has not forgotten Dupin's part in the affair and will one day have his vengeance...

-Ennui is one of a now rather unfashionable set once known as the Intellecteers, once including Dante, Antenora, PJ and Akbar.

-A literary bastard. Vain. Acceptable in only small doses.

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